I work with the reduction linoprint technique where the plate is constantly cut away until nothing much remains of the original. There is little room for error as you cannot go back and rectify mistakes. I have recently been using between 8 and 10 layers for my prints and like the effect of distance that different thicknesses of ink give.

In my screenprinting work, I like the strong blocks of colour which give a dynamic feel to the print. A contrast to the more subtle linoprints.

Yosemite    Reduction Linoprint    25cm x 30cm Mounted  £195

Eype Mouth  Screenprint Mounted 62cm x 52cm  £195

Scarborough Castle    Reduction Linoprint   30cm x 16cm   Mounted £185

Dunstanburgh Castle   Reduction Linoprint   25cm x 16cm  Mounted  £185

Dunstanburgh Castle 2   Reduction Linoprint    25cm x 16cm   Mounted   £185

Cornish Coast  Screenprint  66cm x 45cm  Mounted    £195

Holkham Beach    Reduction Linoprint  40cm x 16cm   Mounted    £185

Holkham Beach II   30cm x 11.5cm  Mounted   £185

 Desert Drive    Screenprint   52cm x 42cm   Mounted   £185

Kerry Coast  Reduction Linoprint 50cm x 40cm Mounted  £175

Hay Tor   Monoprint and Reduction Linoprint  50cm x 40cm Mounted  £185

Guitarist Cordoba     Reduction Linoprint  27.5cm x 20cm Mounted   £185

Trading Station    Screenprint    52cm x 42cm   Mounted  £185


Landscape 2    Screeprint  image size 16.5cm x 7 cm   Mounted £80

Landscape    Screenprint  10cm x 10cm  Mounted  £80

Lavender Fields     Screenprint 60cm x 34cm  Mounted £185 Image size 36cm x 8cm

Ironbridge     Reduction Linoprint  40cm x 30cm Mounted  £80

Mountain Mist    Monoprint    42cm x 30cm   Mounted   £90